Brown Trout in Steelhead Alley

March 28, 2023

Currently, PA Fish & Boat Commission stocks 100,000 Brown Trout into Lake Erie and its tributaries annually. This allotment is part of the 2 million fish the Lake Erie Advisory Council oversees the stocking of in Lake Erie by all surrounding states and Canada.

Your chances of catching a Brown Trout while Steelhead fishing are slim! However, October and November often produce large lake-run specimens. Whether the browns are up the creeks to spawn or to chase Steelhead eggs is anybody’s guess.

A Brown Trout stocked in 20 Mile Creek, North East Township. Wesleyville Conservation Club is a cooperative fish nursery responsible for rearing and stocking fish on the East Erie tributaries. You can support their efforts by sending donations to 3CU and earmarking it ‘W.C.C.’

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