Erie County Steelhead & Keystone Fly Girl

Welcome to! This website offers introductory information regarding fly fishing for Steelhead in and around Lake Erie. This area is often referenced as “Steelhead Alley,” a name it truly deserves. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania stocks about 1,000,000 Steelhead annually throughout tributaries to Lake Erie & directly into Presque Isle Bay.

Let’s fish together! I am a licensed guide, insured, and CPR/AED/First Aid certified through the Red Cross. My name is Ariadne, but I go by Ari, pronounced like ‘air-ee’, and I have lived in or near Erie all of my life. I am an active and creative young woman that can teach as well as entertain you when we are out on the water together.

Guided trips available beginning November 2022. I have a landing page with Steelhead pricing. If you are interested in pursuing other species such as Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, suckers, panfish, or stocked trout please email me for pricing and trip information. I fish Erie County very heavily, but I regularly venture into the Allegheny National Forest for wild trout.

Would you like to know what to bring for a DIY Adventure? Fishing guides are teachers and coaches. There is public access in Erie County, and enough Steelhead stocked in its waters, that you do not need a professional guide to catch fish—but I’d be happy to help if you decide to fish with a guide. Please feel free to email me any questions at If you would like an actual buddy to fish with, I recommend joining the PA Steelhead Association. They offer a buddy program for new members.

Who is Keystone Fly Girl? She is a . . .

  • Certified Fishing Skills Instructor (PA Fish and Boat Commission Course)
  • Member of the PA Steelhead Association (P.S.A.)
  • Member of Northwest Chapter of Trout Unlimited
  • Member of PA Council of Trout Unlimited Women’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee
  • Member Fly Fishers International (F.F.I.)
  • Member Ohio Central Basin Steelheaders (O.C.B.S.)
  • Freelance outdoor writer; see PA Angler & Boater Magazine Jan/Feb 2023 Issue, see various issues of TIGHT LINES monthly newsletter for PA Steelhead Association

If you would like to see more pictures of my catches, please visit my public Instagram page: