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The PA Fish & Boat Commission website contains a wealth of information.

My latest and greatest resources and reads. Click any of the outlined buttons to hit the direct page. I highly recommend going to the state for information. Moreover, if you have questions on trespassing and stream ownership I recommend reading the PA Code yourself. In the same vein, I recommend reading published books on Steelhead fishing in Pennsylvania. Any of the Erie County organizations noted below hold open-to-the-public meetings on a regular basis. Clean-up efforts and volunteer opportunities are available with the PA Steelhead Association, S.O.N.S. of Lake Erie, and 3C.U. Trout Association.

Please respect landowner rights. In the state of Pennsylvania, landowners can legally exclude you from their creek access—they own the creek bed until the end of their property lines. The only exception to legal exclusion of anglers is on and along navigable waterways, of which, there are none in Erie County.* Therefore, if you see a wire strung across the creek, a POSTED sign, or purple paint on any upright object or tree you may not enter that property. Landowner permission is the only exception, and of that, you ought to have written permission to provide to any Waterways Conservation Officer or State Trooper that requests proof.

FAQs Public Access *For those that enjoy fishing the surf or creek mouths, please see the Public Access Doctrine in the PA Constitution. You have a theoretical, legal right to stay below the high water mark and above the low water mark along the Lake Erie shoreline. There has been no case law on the subject matter; if you get a trespassing ticket for shoreline fishing and you were in the water I suggest taking photos and collecting evidence of your legal point of access, fishing style, and overall respect for the landowner that did not want you near their property.

Quality books:

There are a few cooperative nurseries in Erie County that aid the tremendous stocking efforts of PA Fish & Boat Commission.

One such organization is 3C.U. Trout Association. They first captured Rainbow Trout from Thomas Run, a tributary to Walnut Creek in 1966. Soon after, they began receiving supplemental shipments of West Coast “Salmon Trout”; Steelhead Trout fry from Washington and Oregon. Their hatchery efforts have continued to this day; each year they release about 100,000 Steelhead into Lake Erie and its tributaries. Raceways where the smolts are raised are located on private property throughout Erie County. When you visit Poor Richards Bait & Tackle, Elk Creek Sports Store, or Folly’s End Campground please purchase a “button” (pin) for $5 to support the nursery efforts of 3C.U. Trout.

Wesleyville Conservation Club aids the efforts of 3C.U., but 3C.U. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and donations are tax deductible.

PA Steelhead Association is a 501(c)(3) designated non-profit that directly aids and funds the efforts of 3C.U. Trout.

Another Erie non-profit supporting the fishery in Erie through a cooperative nursery is the S.O.N.S. of Lake Erie. In 2021 they raised and released 900 Brown Trout into Presque Isle Bay.